Welcome to Episode 7! In this ep Ivan interviews Luis Sahagun about his practice and how he includes familiar and ancestral elements in it, finding your way as an artist and how helping others feel seen and represented in the art world (whatever that means) is healing and important work. We also talk about facing micro and macro-aggressions in the academy, and how essential it is to have the right tools and the right posture in the studio!

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Welcome to Episode 6! In this ep Ivan interviews Marcela Torres, also featured in our lost “pilot season”, and they have a conversation about family, play, practicing things, finding a way out of where you were born and moving to find who you are to become (diaspora!!!!), searching for peace with your body, and our anxieties about social situations, our art careers and our social media.

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Welcome to Episode 4! In this ep Ivan interviews Oli Rodriguez about his work, especially his “Papi Project” and upcoming book (!!!), how he came to work in media and a fun conversation about the format wars, trans visibility, Barbara DeGenevieve (miss you), and so many more things.

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S01E03 – Stevie Cisneros Hanley

Welcome to Episode 3! In this ep Ivan interviews Stevie Cisneros Hanley about his work, moving from CA to Berlin to Chicago, grad school, ghosts, “bottom identities”, sex parties, alternative gallery models, studio rituals, and staying engaged with your work.

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S01EP02 – Óscar González Díaz

Episode 2 is here! Check out the conversation between Ivan and Óscar González Díaz, recorded a few days before his move to Berlin. We talk about Ciudad Juarez/El Paso, hateloving grad school at SAIC, how to use your role as an artist to get access to what you need for your community, Óscar’s tianguis  when he was growing up, and (unavoidably) how we’re having a hard time existing under this administration…

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